We integrate Datadis so that you can consult the evolution of your energy consumption with OTEA BEn

We connect OTEA with Datadis, the platform promoted by the Spanish electricity distribution companies to access the data of the electricity bill, so that any company can analyse the data of its electricity meters.

This way, our users can check their electricity consumption data for the last two years available at the click of a button and without installing any equipment.

This integration simplifies data collection and offers a new way to analyse and compare the electricity consumption patterns of the different businesses, offices or premises of the same organization.

What can be done from OTEA

Easy. Check the information of your supplies from a single digital tool to:

  • View and compare hourly consumption of all supplies
  • Check electricity consumption curves and maximum contracted power
  • Configure consumption alerts and alarms by time or day of the week
  • Access the history and download it (in table or graph format)

Why digitize your energy consumption

Below, we give you three good reasons why it is important to digitize the information on your electricity supply and gain in-depth knowledge of your consumption patterns.

The first step

Managing to eliminate night-time consumption, identifying consumption peaks in off-peak hours or reducing contracted power are some of the key objectives of a good energy efficiency strategy. Monitoring and digitizing consumption is the first step to achieve them. Use the BEn module to consult the evolution of the data to detect anomalies and correct them

This is a process that depends on you. If you are looking to establish a long-term efficiency strategy, we advise you to value hardware tools such as analysers and trust ML and DL algorithms to predict and program corrective actions.

Saving by adjusting the power term

The contracted electrical power is the part you pay on your bill, even if you do not have consumption. Optimizing it is vital to avoid overpaying.

We are used to looking at the energy consumed, but comparing the consumption patterns of each location with the power contracted for each of them helps you find the ideal term and adjust your electricity bill to the maximum.

Be more environmentally friendly

Every little action counts. Optimizing energy use contributes to the reduction of global carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions into the atmosphere, which, according to the United Nations, have increased by almost 50% since 1990.

The unrestrained emission of these polluting gases deteriorates the planet and represents another barrier in the fight against climate change.

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