Energy management Compare the consumption of your electricity meters in an agile way

OTEA Ben is an energy performance comparator designed for you to detect anomalies and consumption peaks faster. If your business requires a large volume of installations, use the OTEA API to connect, analyse, compare and classify all your electrical supplies with BEn without installing a single piece of equipment.

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How does it work

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We bring together everything you need to analyse the electricity consumption of all your electrical supplies without installing any equipment and regardless of the volume of meters or the electricity distributor you work with.


Connect electrical supplies

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Create a family and compare

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Detect anomalies

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Take measurements and compare again

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Step 01

Connect electrical supplies

Use the OTEA API to connect consumption data from your company meters collected in Datadis, a tool created by electricity distributors to facilitate the consultation of information on the electricity contract or consumption.

Integrating Datadis in OTEA simplifies the detection of consumption peaks or the activation of time discrimination by collecting data every hour such as:

  • Active energy
  • Active power

Paso 02

Create a family of facilities and compare

Do you have many facilities and do not know how to organize them to study their consumption? Create a family of installations taking into account criteria such as: size in m², geographical location or market and compare installations with each other.

Analysis types available:

  • Comparative graphs (kWh) with the average of the filtered family
  • Comparative graphs of consumption (W/m2) by years
  • Comparative indicators of general consumption, average daytime on weekdays, average during the weekend or average night
  • Distribution of consumption during working days or weekend
  • Position in the ranking of a family taking into account energy indicators

Step 03

Detect anomalies

Use OTEA Ben to detect peaks and off-hours consumption to save on electricity bills and reduce CO₂ emissions from your facilities.

So did a client with a network of 720 offices who used Ben’s ranking and analysis tools to quickly detect those offices that had a high energy cost outside business hours. They discovered that many left the air conditioning on at night, Saturday and Sunday, when no one was working.

Step 04

Take actions and compare again

If you have already identified inefficient installations and time slots with overconsumption in your business, it is time to take action. With Ben you can analyse the impact of the implemented measures. This way, it is possible to analyse the ROI of works or other improvements that initially cannot be audited digitally.

Find out more about how to centralize the energy and operational management of multipoint installations by taking a look at our use cases.

OTEA Ben for energy managers

A suite of tools to digitize energy performance

OTEA’s energy comparator features help the energy managers to save time instead of spending it manually checking indicators.


It quickly detects overconsumption and shortens the correction time to a minimum. It improves the efficiency of your company


Reduce the price of your electricity bill by implementing energy efficiency measures that reduce energy consumption.


The data collected and processed at OTEA Ben complies with the strictest cybersecurity standards.

Compare energy consumption data in detail

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