Energy management Simulate the electricity bill of each of your facilities

Carry out an analysis of the costs of your electricity bill in order to optimize them with OTEA. With the bill simulator you will be able to record your supplies to estimate and analyse how much you spend. In addition, you have tools to detect saving opportunities and possible errors in the bill that your electricity company sends you.

They trust the OTEA bill simulator

How does it work

Generate your electricity bill
before it is issued

Simulate the electrical costs of each of your installations and anticipate your marketer. You will be able to compare consumption by annuities or rate periods with the aim of optimizing the costs of your electricity bill to the maximum.


Register your electrical supplies in OTEA

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Estimate your electricity costs and compare

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Simulate your electricity bills

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Optimize your electricity costs

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Step 01

Register your electrical supplies in OTEA

Configure your electrical supplies and price schemes to estimate the costs of your electricity bill. You will have to include information about your meter such as which installation it belongs to, the CUPS or the adjustment factors. We will also ask you for information about your contract so that the simulation adjusts to reality as much as possible.

Type of information about your contracts

  • Contract term
  • Rate
  • Billing Frequency
  • Power contracted by periods
  • Marketer
  • Distributor

Step 02

Estimate your electricity costs and compare them

Use the calculated cost comparator to estimate and analyse your electrical costs. You can also make comparisons of different billing periods or simulate how much the electricity bill would cost you for different types of cost:

Types of costs available in the comparator:

  • Indexed cost
  • Capacitive penalty cost
  • Thermal cost of energy
  • Term cost of power
  • Term cost of reactive
  • Total cost
  • Excess power

Step 03

Simulate your electricity bills

Simulate bills with OTEA to analyse electricity costs with the data and prices stored in the platform’s database. You will be able to select different time intervals and calculate them by choosing a supply or according to the electricity supplier. You can also see simulated invoices in full.

Data that you will find in the simulated invoice

  • Costs → Breakdown of costs, terms by rate period, penalties and history data
  • Power analysis → Contracted power, records of excess power and history data
  • Reactive energy analysis → Active energy vs. reactive energy in penalizable and historical periods

Step 04

Optimize your electricity costs

Take advantage of all the information you will find in the OTEA invoice simulator and start optimizing your invoice. Check the simulated amounts, excess contracted power or download tables with cost breakdowns to add them to your reports.

Take advantage of the information that OTEA offers you so that your financial team can anticipate and make a payment forecast for electricity costs before the bill is issued.

OTEA for energy and finance departments.

A tool to simulate and break down the costs of your electricity bill

OTEA’s functionalities help the energy and finance departments to forecast their energy costs and verify that the marketers are correctly issuing the electricity bills.

Increase your knowledge

Register all the supplies you have contracted and obtain valuable information about your electricity bill.

Take decisions

Use the data provided by the invoice simulator to recalculate your invoices and understand what is happening in your business.


Optimize the cost of your bill by detecting excesses in the contracted power or miscalculated amounts.

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Start simulating and comparing your electricity bills with OTEA.

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