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You can download all the OTEA data in .csv or .xlsx formats to facilitate access to the information for your finance, support and CSR teams, among others, so that they can have useful information.

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Download your OTEA data and work with it the way you want. Of course, if you want to have your data available in the cloud, work with your data in OTEA, connect OTEA via API with data analysis tools such as Power BI or simply generate downloads and save them so that financial or support departments or facility managers can use such data in their own report.


Choose the type of download you want to do

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Choose a time interval for the data download

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Organize the way your data will be displayed

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Save your downloads and use them as a template

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Step 01

Choose the type of download you want to do

Quickly and easily download all the variables collected in OTEA. By having a well-typed historical database, you will only have to select the data you want to download for different installations, the time interval that interests you the most and how you would like to organize your data.

Download types available

  • By variable type → choose a variable type for one or several installations. For example: Active energy for installation 1, 2 and 3.
  • By specific variable → choose a variable for a specific machine and installation. For example: Installation 1 > General analyser > Active energy.
  • By schedule → choose a schedule for one or several installations. The schedules configured within a range of 24 hours will be downloaded

Step 02

Choose a time interval for data download

Choose in which dates you want to download the data you have selected. For the schedules you can select the day for which you want to have the data recorded, while for the types of variables and specific variables you can combine a range of days and hours for specific annuities. This way you will be able to obtain very specific data such as the active energy consumed during the working days in the summer months.

Types of ranges available for variables

  • Download dates → select the start and end date for which you want to configure the download. For example: from 07/01/2021 to 08/31/2021
  • Time range during download dates → select the time range for which you want to configure the download. For example: from 10:00 to 22:00

Step 03

Organize how the data will be displayed

Choose how the data you are going to download will be displayed. OTEA will guide you step by step so that you can decide which is the best way to organize the variables or schedules that you are about to download.

Customization options in variable download

  • Download all the raw data or group them creating a summary that takes into account the average, maximum or minimum value of the data for each period: 15 minutes, hour, day or month.
  • Arrange data horizontally or vertically in a table and decide which values you want to display in columns or rows.
  • Add to your download tables identification data of the installation such as the address or the company to which they belong.

Step 04

Save your downloads and use it as a template

View all your downloads made from the historical download panel. You can make queries, edit them, delete them or create new ones.

By default, OTEA saves all the downloads you have made so that you can regenerate them using the same download date ranges and time intervals or, if you prefer, configuring new ones.

You can also use the downloads made as a template to download data from other installations or choose other variables.

OTEA for finances, support, CSR or whoever you choose.

A tool to analyse data instantly

OTEA ‘s functionalities help financial, corporate social responsibility or support departments to have information on energy costs, consumption or operation of the facilities with which to complete their reports.


You will have a structured access to your data so that the team can assess the total CO₂ emissions, investigate where the most deficient installations are or analyse savings.


Download data without programming or having a technical team create custom SQL queries for you.


Share information with your team so that they can integrate it into their reports. This way they will have useful information with which to take action more quickly.

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