Features An IoT platform to optimize maintenance, consumption and carbon footprint

Energy management

Control the energy consumption of your assets, compare their energy performance taking into account the area per m² or the market in which they operate, analyse the costs of your electricity bills or connect your self-consumption systems to OTEA.

Sustainable digitization

Automate your assets and launch efficiency measures taking into account the consumption of supplies, the healthiness of the spaces or the CO₂ emissions saved by promoting renewable energies.

Support and Integrations

Hundreds of integrations provide insights about your business and automate manual processes that used to trigger errors or take many hours of work.

Do you need consulting services?

Our team has extensive experience in energy, digitization or data and deep technical knowledge to help you optimize your projects and boost your company’s results.

We can help you in tasks of:

  • Energy strategy and design
  • Assistance in deployment and commissioning
  • Continuous strategic planning