Operations Create events so that OTEA notifies you or manages your facilities for you

Protect your facilities and react quickly to incidents or breakdowns. Receive notifications or schedule actions so that OTEA warns you or acts for you when it detects a situation that you consider anomalous. For example, the platform will act accordingly when it detects that an oven starts automatically at night, leaks gas or does not reach the desired temperature.

They rely on the OTEA events module

How does it work

Take care of your facilities and
the people who use them

Protect your facilities and all the people who use them every day by configuring events in OTEA to detect leaks, breakdowns, consumption peaks or abnormal values in setpoints. You will receive notifications warning you of overconsumption or the climate drive systems will start automatically when it is necessary to renew the air to ensure that its quality and CO₂ levels e excellent. It’s up to you.


Create events for your facilities

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Configure the reasons for triggering the event

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Choose when they should be happening

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Choose what to do in case an event is triggered

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step 01

Create events for your facilities

Match facilities with events to know what is happening. They will only be activated if the conditions that you have defined as triggers are met.

You can also categorize the events you set up as Event Group. This way you can edit the events and the installations they affect as a group without having to modify them one by one. This way you will make changes whenever you need it in a collective way.

Step 02

Configure the triggers for each event

Decide the conditions that must be met for an event to be triggered. Choose in detail the reason and the time it will take to activate an event. You can choose specific values or those that are inside or outside a threshold for different types of variables and machines.

In addition, you can decide how much time must have elapsed since the configured conditions are detected for the event to be activated. This way, you can launch it immediately or time it to avoid the detection of false positives.

Reasons why an event will be triggered:

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Value of specific variables for a machine
  • Value of a specific type of variables

Step 03

Choose when they should be happening

Select the time of day in which the conditions you have configured must be met for the event to be launched. You can dial: immediately, at specific times or at the time scheduled for an installation.

Also, you can decide if you want the event to run every day of the week or just a couple of days. This way, you have the option of activating timed events on the weekend, when there is no one in the facilities, only at night during 5 working days or whenever you decide.

Step 04

Choose what to do in case an event is triggered

Choose what to do if an event is triggered and assign a criticality level to it. Using different levels of alarms for your events facilitates prioritization and helps you clearly identify the impact of what is happening on your systems, machines and facilities.

Actions to be performed when an event is triggered:

  • Generate an alarm
  • Send an e-mail
  • Modify a value

OTEA for energy, maintenance and finance.

A tool to analyse data instantly

OTEA functionalities help energy, maintenance and finance departments to analyse even the smallest detail related to energy costs, consumption and the operation of facilities.


Increase efficiency by creating and scheduling actions between different machines and services connected to OTEA.


Anticipate breakdowns by generating alerts and notifications by email based on flexible conditions based on the variables you have connected to OTEA


Take care of the people who use the facilities and the environment by immediately detecting a malfunction in your facilities.

Take action when something is not going right

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