Operations Graphics and timelines about your business at your fingertips

Quickly graph the data within OTEA and find relevant insights to grow your business. With structured access to your data, you will be able to identify inefficient installations, abnormal energy consumption, broken machines and much more.

They trust in OTEA graphics module

How does it work

Quickly graph and analyse
OTEA data

Get instant answers and keep track of what is happening in your company in real time. Use the graph module to follow the defrosting process of an industrial cold machine that has given you problems, creating a weekly temporary graph that updates the data automatically or compares the energy consumption of an installation by annual payments.


All your OTEA data at your disposal

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Build graphics of all kinds

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Customize the design of your graphics

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Customize the design of your graphics

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Step 01

All your OTEA data at your service

Accede de forma rápida y sencilla a todos los datos almacenados en OTEA. Al contar con una base de datos mapeada, bien jerarquizada y tipificada en OTEA solo tendrás que seleccionar instalación, máquina y las variables que quieras analizar de la base datos para construir tus gráficas.

Queremos que aproveches el potencial de tus datos de forma sencilla y rápida utilizando las herramientas de OTEA. Si lo necesitas, puedes descargarlos o integrarlos con aplicaciones como Power BI utilizando nuestra API.

Step 02

Build graphs of all kinds

Analyse data quickly by creating different types of graphs. You can confront axes, add and subtract variables in cumulative graphs, or choose the level of hierarchy for each variable in Sankey diagrams. OTEA graphs are so versatile that you can hide, delete or add new variables while you are working with the data.

Available chart types

  • Time lines → compares the evolution of one or more variables over time.
  • Cumulative graphs → compares the accumulated total of a variable for different installations at a specific time
  • Sankey diagrams → build flow diagrams where the data is classified in different dimensions according to the proportion they contribute to the total flow

Step 03

Customize the design of your charts

Create graphs ready to share with your team. Make the graphics your own by customizing the design by changing the thickness of the lines or by using your company’s corporate colours.

customization options

  • Show lines and bars as area
  • Modify the thickness and style of the lines or bars
  • Change the colour of lines, areas and bars for each variable. You can add colours in hexadecimal.

Paso 04

Save and update your graphs

Save frequently used charts to use them later. You will be able to create dynamic time intervals so that the data is updated automatically as the days progress.

You will be able to view all the graphs that you have saved and select at any time the ones you want to consult using the search engine or a search filter. You can also edit and rename them.

OTEA for energy, maintenance and finance.

A tool to analyse data instantly

OTEA functionalities help energy, maintenance and finance departments to analyse even the smallest detail related to energy costs, consumption and the operation of facilities.


Quickly find out how much each installation consumes, which are its shortcomings and what does it need at any time.


Monitor maintenance tasks on machines and installations without having to move the technical team.


Monitor the energy consumption of the facilities and quickly detect which ones are consuming more than expected.

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