Connected worlds to solve problems Build an IoT Network for Infinite Use Cases

What if OTEA helped you connect worlds to solve problems? OTEA offers a package of modules so you can visualize the automation of your facilities, optimize the maintenance of machines or processes or control new energy management models. Companies like Naust Marine or Borgwarner trust us. As well as some public entities such as the City Council of Lugo with whom we collaborate in their Smart City projects. We also join forces with partners and technology companies to jointly design digital transformation projects where sustainability, energy and data become strategic factors.

Sustainable digitization

IoT to reinvent
the future of your business

IoT is emerging as a tool capable of modernizing products, services, spaces, offices or cities. With OTEA you can build your own digital ecosystem and connect everything that is important to you.

Build a digital ecosystem adapted to your business

Build and integrate your own IoT network in OTEA to solve the problems that concern your business where people, customers and employees become the centre of the business.

IoT offers multiple applications to create smart sensors with:

That monitor, manage and communicate data in real time.

For example, on optimization processes or installation maintenance, while offering savings in consumption and an increase in the useful life of the machines.

Allowing you to optimize performance and maximize profitability.

That reduce travel costs and simplify business logistics.


A more competitive business using IoT applications like OTEA

Use OTEA to flexibly integrate your own or third-party devices and applications to grow your business. Public organizations, shipping companies, factories and technology companies rely on OTEA to build their own IoT network.

Control the risks

Manage the risks associated with running your business. It increases safety and traceability to act with precision and to know which processes must be intervened to improve quality and the final product.

Improve efficiency and save costs

Increase the competitiveness of your sector by addressing a more efficient internal management and management of the production process in those areas that concern you or are critical for the operation of your business.

Promote sustainability

Lead the way towards an activity and processes marked by environmental sustainability, in which reduction of waste, optimization of resources and the efficient use of gas, water or energy will prevail.

Success story

Lugo Smart City: an intelligent and sustainable city

Within the Lugo Smart project, the city council used OTEA to integrate the management and data of its energy optimization plan.


Creating smart local public services that improve the city’s administrative and infrastructure management was one of the main objectives of the Lugo Smart project.


Together with the temporary joint venture created to manage the project, the public lighting management systems were integrated into OTEA, both in rural and urban settings. OTEA was also used as a reference platform for the energy optimization plan. The application collected real-time data on energy consumption, as well as environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and CO₂ in six public buildings in order to design an energy optimization plan.

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