About OTEA Energy consumption is becoming more sophisticated and OTEA can help you

Our IoT platform is designed to build digital ecosystems capable of managing the energy performance of real estate assets and processes, improving their operational efficiency or calculating their carbon footprint.

We make it easy for companies to manage automated machines and help them convert physical spaces into data sources that offer them valuable information on energy or sustainability.

The potential of data

OTEA collects a large amount of information about your facilities so that you can be alert to possible deviations from your energy saving goals, detect faults in your facilities, simulate electricity bills or calculate your carbon footprint.

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An approach to maintenance and energy management where technology prevails


OTEA has a complete toolkit to centralize the maintenance of real estate assets, control consumption and take care of the health of your spaces.


We establish a close collaboration with the client from onboarding to implementation and offer them support and recommendations so that they meet their objectives.


OTEA is designed to build a digital ecosystem for you or your clients. For this reason, we simplify the connection of machines or facilitate the integration of services via API.

Reduce CO₂ emissions and calculate the carbon footprint

The aspiration to make the planet a better place pushes us to design tools that maintain a balance between economic tranquillity, social well-being and respect for the environment.

Energy consumption is one of the largest emitters of CO₂ in Europe. Knowing the energy performance of each business is essential to mitigate its impact.

A different way of investing in technology that translates into:

Economic savings

Tons of CO₂ emissions that will never reach the atmosphere

OTEA es un producto de EcoMT,
una empresa con sede en A Coruña
especializada en IoT, energía y datos

Launch of OTEA
The original version of the remote management platform was designed for multipoint installations and it facilitated the management of automations on control panels.
First industrial clients
After connecting the first Mango store to OTEA in 2013, industrial clients such as Kaleido or Borgwarner rely on the platform to control the energy consumption of their facilities and processes.
Mobile version and new international clients
The first OTEA app is launched and the first hotel of the NH Hotels chain is integrated into the platform, with the aim of remotely managing the DHW systems, air conditioning or the central electrical system.
Platform consolidation
We compute more than 5 billion pieces of data per year. OTEA has become the central axis of the energy and operational management of our clients’ real estate assets.
OTEA 10 Launch
After years of development, we decided to rethink the app. Big changes are made such as UX/UI improvements or redesigning the backend to optimize connection and data analysis.