Create alarms and control orders on machines connected to OTEA

We explain what it is and how you can use the OTEA events module to optimize the efficiency of connected machines and installations.

The events module is one of the most interesting in the application when it comes to remote management of facilities, since it allows you to create interactions and automatic orders with which you will be able to detect incidents and anticipate possible maintenance problems.

In order for you to discover how the versatility of this tool can completely change the management of remote facilities and services, we are going to try to give you a good understanding of what it consists of by explaining, step by step, how it works.

Increase efficiency by creating orders

The events module is a flexible tool within OTEA with which you can create and program actions among different machines and services connected to OTEA, so that if a certain situation occurs, OTEA acts accordingly.

Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea:

When the ambient temperature of a store reaches 27⁰C, OTEA can stabilize it by automatically starting the climate system to lower the temperature to 22⁰C

Another case: When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air within a facility exceeds 1,000 ppm for more than 35 minutes, the external air supply mechanisms of the climate machines are automatically turned on to renew it and ensure that it remains at excellent quality values, ranging between 400 and 600 ppm.

‍One of the advantages of technology is that it not only allows you to automate processes and let tasks that previously required a manual process be done alone, but also it allows you to control other processes that would be difficult to manage.

Receive alerts when something is wrong

Generate alerts and notices by email based on flexible conditions based on the variables you have connected to OTEA. This way you can optimize energy performance by detecting excessive consumption, leaks, machine malfunctions and much more.

For example, OTEA can notify you of unusual peaks in consumption. Imagine that in a production plant there is a poorly configured oven that starts automatically at night without the technicians noticing it. Or that the same oven loses gas.

It can also detect faults quickly and efficiently. In a supermarket, the freezer cabinets usually start the defrosting processes during the night. These cycles cause the temperature of the chest itself to increase by more than 20 degrees in a short period of time, and then drop again sharply to normal values.

OTEA’s events module includes endless conditions at the time so you can configure the rules and alarms you need at any time. In the case of frozen chests, you can configure an alert if the temperature of a chest remains at 0 ºC for more than 1 hour, anticipating a breakdown that takes into account the defrosting process and that, if lasting longer, could spoil all the product.

By detecting anomalies and inefficient consumption patterns, you can act accordingly. Setting alarms that anticipate breakdowns, automatic switch-on and switch-off orders or schedules related to productive or sunrise-sunset cycles improves energy efficiency, while at the same time committing to saving and optimizing resources.

Edit, delete and, if necessary, audit the configured events

OTEA is a flexible and useful tool that seeks to offer information and improve the daily life of users. That is why you can create, edit, delete and view the details and historical data of the active events of a facility or a family of facilities.

The process is very simple. You just have to select a facility and choose the type of event you want to consult according to the level of criticality (Alarm: Critical, Alarm: Very high, etc.)

The magic is in the software and the hardware

To make your machines and installations smarter, they just have to be connected to OTEA.

OTEA is a universal tool capable of automating and managing all kinds of tasks, since it communicates with hundreds of machines and online services that work indistinctly and use different protocols.

All that glitters is not software. The hardware has an important weight in the dumping of information in OTEA. Control panels and IoT sensors play a leading role in this story. Only by designing interoperable solutions that solve complex problems is it possible to create a true digital ecosystem.

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