Operations Centralize and remotely operate your facilities with OTEA

Receive real-time data on the status of all your facilities, compare the performance of your real estate assets and use the information to act and promote energy and operational efficiency measures. You can also use OTEA to save maintenance costs, to avoid the displacement of technical personnel or to launch maintenance tasks remotely.

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How does it work

Turn your facilities into smart spaces with OTEA

Monitor your facilities, view everything that is happening in real time and manage them with remote supervision thanks to the IoT.


Program operating hours and schedules

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Start or stop machines remotely

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Modify setpoints or variables

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Document everything that happens in your facilities

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Step 01

Program schedules and operating calendars

From OTEA you can view and modify holiday schedules or calendars configured with Ares.

The schedules are used to start and stop machines or systems according to the operation of your facilities. From OTEA you can check, modify or block them in real time. Also, if you have more than one schedule configured, you will be able to see them cumulatively.

Use the calendars to mark the holidays for each year according to the location in which each facility is located.

Step 02

Start or stop machines remotely

Manage each machine in your installation from anywhere in the world. Use OTEA to integrate and govern all the equipment in each of your facilities and keep your business running no matter where you are.

Types of remote equipment management

  • Manual start / stop
  • Reset
  • Manual modification of comfort settings (temperatures, air quality, relative humidity…)
  • Regulation of lighting systems
  • Manual modification of equipment values

Step 03

Modify setpoints or variables

Use OTEA to change the value of a variable or adjust a setpoint remotely, this way you prevent the users of an installation from manipulating thermostats and other equipment.

By being able to integrate thousands of references in OTEA you will be able to remotely manage almost any machine avoiding misuse or human errors. In addition, you will be able to see general plans of machines with relevant information.

Some examples of machines and systems manageable from OTEA

  • air conditioning systems
  • Illumination systems
  • Air curtains
  • Furniture and cold systems

Step 04

Document everything that happens in your facilities

You can use OTEA to save in the document directory of each installation all the electrical diagrams, CAD plans, energy labels, certifications and any file that you consider important to carry out good maintenance management of your facilities.

All the documents available within the directory can be viewed directly in OTEA, downloaded or printed.

OTEA for maintenance.

A tool to feel close to what is far away

OTEA’s functionalities help maintenance departments to manage their installations remotely, avoiding unnecessary trips and quickly detecting breakdowns.


Optimize your processes by turning machines off and on in just a few seconds and avoid incalculable economic losses by quickly detecting problems in your facilities, breakdowns and even leaks.


By operating remotely, you increase your knowledge of your facilities, reduce costs and develop your ability to identify improvements, detect inefficiencies or discover bottlenecks.


By digitizing your facilities, you save energy, water, gases and you help your team to travel by car only when necessary. These small changes translate into CO₂ emissions that will never reach the atmosphere.

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