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OTEA Nexo allows you to securely connect the data of machines and applications of your facilities or processes so that you can evaluate their operation, anticipate problems, save energy, operate equipment remotely and much more. Turn OTEA into the brain of your company. Use OTEA’s interoperable platform and APIs to create a digital ecosystem where you centralize your data regardless the manufacturer, model or communication protocol used.

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Protect your facilities and all the people who use them every day by configuring events in OTEA to detect leaks, breakdowns, consumption peaks or abnormal values in setpoints. You will receive notifications warning you of overconsumption or the climate drive systems will start automatically when it is necessary to renew the air to ensure that its quality and CO₂ levels are excellent. It’s up to you.


Tell us what you want to connect

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Receive validation to connect your data

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Upload the data to OTEA

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Manage your data through the administrator panel

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Step 01

Tell us what you want to connect

Take important data for your business to the cloud by implementing integrations in OTEA through API or connecting equipment that works with communication protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP or OCPP.

Our integrations are transparent to the user and they do not pose any obstacle when viewing your data on the platform. In addition, we provide your development or automation team with recommended equipment to connect protocols to OTEA such as:

  • wMBus
  • Bacnet MSTP/IP
  • KNX
  • ZigBee
  • EnOcean
  • OCPP

Step 02

Receive validation to connect your data

Our technical team is in charge of validating the feasibility of the integration and provides your automation or development team with all the necessary documentation to include your data in OTEA.

In addition, we regularly audit our implementation data, including the certificates we offer, to ensure the security of our integrations. If you need it, we also send you a datalogger plug & play that includes our management software, OTEA OS that increases cybersecurity in communications with your equipment and stores your data if there are disruptions in your internet service

Step 03

Upload the data to OTEA

Your technical team will be able to connect to the OTEA database or upload the data through the platform’s administrator panel. They will be able to do massive uploads or upload data grouped by installation. Also, if your goal is to use OTEA as a facility management system, you can upload information related to:

  • Communications with the PLC (IP, Port, Gateway)
  • Variables associated with the installation
  • Hierarchy of existing machines
  • Scheduled times
  • Maps

Step 04

Manage your data through the administrator panel

From the OTEA administrator panel you can add, edit, group or delete the integrated information. You can also create users, assign access or provide read and write permissions.

This panel also allows you to create families of installations or configure type options to appear in the multiple-choice fields that are already connected to OTEA. We call these type options: general types. These are some of the ones you can create:

  • Add a simple name to define a group of data collected in OTEA along with its characteristics. Example: Temperatures
  • Add the name and image of a type of equipment regardless of its model. Example: Chiller
  • Create value-text combinations that are used to allow the understanding of a value of a machine. Example: 0-Off, 1-On

Data to improve facility and process management

A tool to connect energy and operation data

Securely integrating the data of your facilities or processes in OTEA enables the integration of tools that facilitate the management tasks of the energy, finance and maintenance departments.

Comprehensive coverage

Centralize knowledge on a single platform.


Improves the accessibility of information within the company.


Have a quick and safe access to the data you need at all times.

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