Sustainable management We lead companies that seek to generate a positive impact on customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the environment.

We collaborate with our clients to promote a world that evolves responsibly and sustainably. With OTEA you will have indicators for ISO certifications, such as 14.001 or 50.001. You can also integrate self-consumption systems, calculate your carbon footprint or certify the green origin of the energy you generate. In addition, OTEA will facilitate the energy and operational management of your offices and processes so that you consume less water or energy, take care of air quality or reduce emissions by reducing the movement of your maintenance team.

They trust OTEA to manage their ESG initiatives


 Being sustainable is good for business

Evaluate your company in relation to its social, environmental and corporate governance environment and bet on a strategy that takes into account environments where well-being, efficiency and emission neutrality are promoted.



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Well-being of people

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Good governance

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Use OTEA to centralize renewable energy generation systems and certify the total green energy that has been generated. With the platform you can also measure the environmental impact of a process or a building by calculating its energy or water footprint. With OTEA you will be able to monitor your eco-efficiency strategy by measuring and managing the use of energy in your headquarters and facilities.

Some eco-efficiency actions that you can manage and monitor from OTEA

  • CO₂ emission reduction indicators and reports
  • Automations to reduce energy and water consumption
  • Smart lighting programs
  • Climate control systems based on occupancy and sunlight

Well-being of people

Together with you, we build safe spaces that take care of people. With OTEA you can manage important factors such as air quality, humidity or temperature remotely.

OTEA allows you to integrate different types of sensors to monitor everything that worries you and to generate alarms to warn maintenance teams when a space is not safe, healthy or productive.

Good governance

We help you meet high governance standards by offering blockchain traceability indicators and certificates. With OTEA you can centralize all the data you need in a single platform. You will be able to transparently consult and share the indicators you consider. You can also download information to make reports or to integrate OTEA data with other applications such as Power BI

OTEA for corporate, CSR and financial departments

A tool that promotes the objectives of the 2030 agenda and the SDGs

OTEA functionalities accompany corporate departments in their strategic plans for the promotion of sustainable development objectives such as adopting urgent measures to combat climate change or helping to guarantee access to affordable, safe and modern energy.


Become an action company and join other organizations that want to change the world.


Bet on technologies that will help your company to reduce environmental impact, save energy and reduce risks.


Incorporate a potential factor of higher profitability by adopting good governance policies that increase investor trust and make you more productive.

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